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Welcome to Amvrakikos Cruises Amvrakikos Gulf – Join us to discover one of Europe’s most unique ecosystems and admire the wonderful dolphins, the sea turtles caretta – caretta and the vast gathering of bird species, within their natural habitat.

Get familiar with a magic world where human presence has co-existed with nature for centuries. Coastal towns, castles, legends fusing with traditions complement the mosaic of history … as time freezes on a journey so delightful for all senses!

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based on dolphin and wildlife observation

Enjoy a unique and authentic Greek experience in the Amvrakikos gulf.

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Amvrakikos Gulf

The Amvrakikos Gulf is one of the largest closed bays of Greece. The entrance of the bay is in the narrow passage between Aktio (on the side of Aitoloakarnania) and Preveza. The bay is named after ancient Amvrakia, a town built on the river Arhathos, in the place of today’s Arta. The rivers Louros and Arachthos flow into the bay. At Amvrakikos is built Amfilochia. Near Amfilochia is the cape of St. George, where there is a lighthouse. Vonitsa is also another important town on the road from Amfilochia to Preveza and Lefkada.

At the entrance of the bay, a submarine tunnel was constructed and launched in 2002, connecting Aktio with Preveza [1]. In the bay and especially in the port of Amfilochia, during the summer months (especially in August), the phenomenon of phosphorescence of the sea, which is due to the accumulation of microorganisms (plankton).


Absolutely professional. Very responsive to email bookings made it extremely easy for us to book a lot earlier than our arrival date. Guides and staff are very friendly and willing to assist. Would definitely recommend. The dolphins were so many, chasing around the boats. Magic experience for families and kids. Food was awesome, made during the trip with very fresh and oysters. Refreshments were also included. Great job guys, really enjoyed it! Many thanks!

Anna Maria Perisorati

Absolutely amazing! We saw about 10 dolphins and even if they weren‘t so much in a playing mood, it was a great experience. The lunch was one of the best seafood we’ve ever had, freshly cooked on the boat by the father and daugther of the owners family. Mussels, sardines, different salads, just perfect!

Thomas Wyssmüller

Natalie Martens

Nice tour of about 4.5 hours. Saw lots of dolphins and some turtles. And of course lots of birds. The delicious lunch, including mussels and sardines, was included in the price, as were the drinks. Highly recommended!

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