Dear friends, the family business Amvrakikos Cruises invites you to visit the beautiful Preveza, planning the next tour.
Thanks to the modern road network, the cities around the Amvrakikos Gulf are now less than four hours away from Athens and Thessaloniki. It is considered a real opportunity for our young people to discover a special corner of Greece, which hides unique natural, archaeological and gastronomic treasures.
In this context, Amvrakikos Cruises promises to offer a unique environmental experience in the hospitable waters of the Amvrakikos Gulf, with the traditional boats of its fleet.
With absolute respect for the safety of travelers, as required by the international convention of SOLAS 1974 and certified by the INSB Classification Society for our boats, we promise to offer a unique sea excursion to the rich ecosystem of the Amvrakikos gulf, during which we will meet breath away the lively dolphins of Amvrakikos, the shy loggerhead turtles and a multitude of rare waterfowl.
In addition, this wonderful exploratory activity can be continued ashore with the assistance of specialized partners, in order for our young visitors to be guided to the impressive sites and exhibits of the Archaeological Museum and the site of Nikopolis, known for the famous naval battle of Aktio in 31 .X, between the Roman Octavian and the Greek-Egyptian queen Cleopatra.
At a distance of a few kilometers is also the imposing area of ​​ancient Kassopi, with the ancient theater, the monument with the famous dance of Zalongos and the mythical Necromancer on the banks of the river Acheron.
All these natural and archeological "treasures" are easily accessible by bus and in fact in a wider area with quite warm and pleasant climate from the beginning of April until the end of November.

Useful information:
* The exact program of the excursion is determined after consultation, with the person in charge of the excursion and is adapted to the prevailing weather conditions.
* The tour of the Amvrakikos gulf takes about 3 hours.
* Water, juice and sandwiches are provided
* Maximum number of participants 46 people
* The tour of the archeological sites is done before or after the tour in Amvrakikos in collaboration with a certified guide.
* Please do not hesitate to request any additional information.
Sincerely, Captain John Amvrakikos Cruises Manager
Tel. Contact: 6940550239

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